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Lyme Education for Clinicians

Do Your Patients Live In or Travel To Lyme Risk Areas?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Lyme disease is the most commonly reported vectorborne illness in the United States. In 2013, it was the 5th most common nationally notifiable disease. However, this disease does not occur nationwide and is concentrated heavily in the northeast and upper Midwest.

reported cases of lyme disease map 2013

Help Your Patients Prevent Lyme Disease

Reducing exposure to ticks and preventing tick bites is the best way to prevent Lyme disease.  No matter where your patients live or travel, there are steps that they can take to defend against Lyme disease.

>> Download a guide to Lyme disease prevention that you can distribute to patients in your office.

Additional Lyme Disease Resources for Your Patients:

>> Illustrated Guide on How to Remove a Tick

>> Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Suspect Lyme Disease? Get Clear Cut Diagnostic Results.

The CDC recommends a two-step process for diagnosing Lyme disease: an FDA-approved enzyme immunoassay test, followed by an immunoblot test. To learn more about bioMérieux's methods for testing lyme, please visit